Happy & Healthy

Another week, another post, another tip. I hope you are realizing that being a successful student is so much more than just getting the grades. Being a successful student is about finding balance in all areas of your life. When you really break it down being successful means you are happy with where you are and where you are going with your life. Hey, you may hit a few potholes now and again, but you are moving forward. That’s what success is… moving forward. Even if we aren’t moving very fast we are headed in the right direction. Being a successful student means doing your best with what you have and being satisfied with your progress. We have talked a lot about control over the past few weeks, control of your room, control of your grades, control of your hygiene. Now let’s talk about control over your physical health.

In college, it is so easy to neglect our physical health. We stay up too late, our eating habits are totally irregular, and all our free time is spent at the library or at extracurricular instead of the gym. But seriously, none of us have the time or the money to eat a strictly organic diet or higher a personal trainer. So what can we do look good and feel good? Here are few simple things you can do that won’t totally disrupt your lifestyle or your wallet.

1. Remember to Eat

Remember to Eat! Weird tip right? To be honest I think forgetting to eat is one of the biggest mistakes college students make. So often we will be so busy that we don’t make the time to stop and eat something! This is a problem because when you finally do eat, you binge! This can be extremely unhealthy because it causes your body to store that food as fat because it thinks you are going to starve it again. So if you have to meal prep or set reminders on your phone, just make sure you take the time to actually eat.

IMG_2519 2

2. Smart Snaking

Smart Snaking. This is a tip that actually takes some planning. Often throughout the day, you will need a little snack to give you an energy boost or push you through that extra long group study sessions. It is easy to grab a soda or candies bar at the vending machine to satisfy your craving but doesn’t do it. It will not act in your favor. If you don’t believe me try this little test. Pay attention to how you feel a few hours after you eat something. If you eat a Twinkie it may be pure heaven in the moment but evaluate how you feel after a few hours. Do the same with an apple or a granola bar. See the difference? Take the time to pack some healthy snacks in your backpack to get you through the day.

3. Take the Stairs

We talked about not having the time or the money for a personal trainer. So here is an easy solution! Make the commitment to always take the stairs. Even if you have a class on the 9th floor of the business building! You will be surprised how making the commitment to take the stairs instead of the elevator will improve your physical health. One step at a time. It will be worth it.


I could go on and on and give you countless tips and recommendations that would positively impact your physical health, but in reality, YOU know what YOU need to improve your physical health and improve your life. The time is now! Make those changes! A successful student is a healthy student!

Stay successful,


For more tips on health and fitness & amazing recipes, check out my amazing cousin Marisa Christensen’s website!


Want to make Chocolate Avocado Cookies?? Click the link below!

Screen Shot 2018-02-09 at 12.27.34 PM



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